Capital Projects

Public works and the Water Department will have a busy summer schedule coordinating many capital projects within the village. There will be two ongoing projects associated to CDBG which were mentioned earlier in the newsletter.


New crossing flashers will be installed on Archer Avenue (55th Street). They will be the same as the new flashers recently installed on 63rd Street near ACHS.


The new entrance for Pick-N-Pull is being developed and we expect that project to be completed by early Fall.

Beautification of 63rd Street

We will also be embarking on a beautification project on 63rd Street from Harlem to 74th Avenue. There will be many benefits associated to traffic flow and safety for our children crossing to go to ACHS, as well as aesthetic improvements creating a campus feel. We are waiting for Illinois Department of Transportation  to approve the plans and then we can start the project right away. Our intent is to have this project completed by the end of the summer.


The village has purchased a new grader. We have been able to grade many of the alleys in town already, and are scheduled to go back through and ensure each alley has the correct level and pitch. I am certain this will be a huge relief to many problems we have experienced over the past year after our old grader broke down.


It is also time for our Water tower to be painted. The plans are in and we expect to start very soon. The first step is to come in and sandblast the old paint from the tower, then apply a primer, and then the final coat. During this time, water pressure may be affected. We will identify the specific painting schedule and provide that timetable to all our residents as soon as we can confirm their time frame.

Service Requests

We would also like to identify the Service Request functionality on the website. Please utilize this to relay any issues you may identify in your neighborhood.